Build Powerful

Written in Node.js

Performant, elastic & reliable

The API layer is powered by Express web server which ensures high speed and low latencies. The frontend of the application is written in AngularJS providing rich and responsive experience. Finally, MongoDB powered data store ensures fast, highly scalable and unhindered data storage that adds unparalleled elasticity to the entire application.

Create entities

Easily create entities using a fluid design that simplifies how you’ll manage your entities forever. Manage your entities using search, sort, delete and the documentation APIFactory automatically generates.

Add properties

Add properties when you create entities and after creation whenever you want, whenever you need them.

Cloud hosted

API Factory has been hosted on Heroku’s highly performant and scalable cloud to ensure maximum performance, scalability and reliability.

Create users

Dynamically create users and user roles. Assign a user a role with simplicty.

Material design

Designed from the ground up with Google’s Material design principals. APIFactory adheres strictly to Material design making for an exceptional user experience.